About Us

Jiangyin Yangtze River Shipping Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2003, specializing in the production and processing of various types of mechanical parts and large pieces of steel structure, the registered capital of 9 million 936 thousand yuan, covers an area of 53800 square meters, is located in Lingang New City Road Shuangliang Ligang Industrial Park in Jiangsu city of Jiangyin province No. 8.

The company is located in Jiangyin City, Shanghai, Nanjing only 1.5 hours by car from Changzhou, to Wuxi only 20 - 30 minutes. In Jiangyin, the Beijing Shanghai and Shanghai Nanjing expressway along the Yangtze river. The six lane highway 338 (Yanjiang highway Jiangyin section) from the company after the door, only 10 - 20 minutes to Shanghai Nanjing Expressway, Beijing Shanghai Expressway and Yanjiang expressway. Water traffic is very advantageous to the company from the Yangtze River, a distance of about 1 kilometers, and the South of Jiangsu international container terminal, Jiangyin port, Jiangyin port and Changhong international companies are only 5 - 10 km, both at home and abroad can accommodate fifty thousand ton cargo ship, the company sent to the domestic and foreign large components and other products through the Jiangyin port of embarkation exit.

1 plant and crane configuration

The company's existing production plant area of nearly more than 30 thousand square meters, formed from raw material cutting and welding molding tempering machining sand paint product packaging and transportation machinery complete the finished product of the production process. Among them:

The.1# workshop of 10000 square meters, span 27 meters x 2, double crane, crane top were 50t, 32 t, a total of 4 units; the maximum lifting height of 15 meters, the lower 5T crane 6 units, the workshop for large parts assembly and machining.

The 2# workshop of 10000 square meters, span 27 meters x 2; the upper crane is 32t, the maximum lifting height of 12 meters, the lower 6 5T cranes, mainly used for cutting, welding molding, pressure molding processing.

3# workshop 3500 square meters, for tempering treatment and part of the mechanical processing, with 32t crane and 5T crane.

4. Sheet metal workshop of 2500 square meters, for the production of auto parts products.

The painting workshop area of 5500 square meters (including 2 sand washing room and paint shop), the member for sand and paint.

6. The outdoor area of 15000 square meters, equipped with 50t, 32t is mainly used for stacking crane, raw materials and large steel products.

2 major production equipment

The following equipment: large steel plate cutting machine, a total of 6 sets.

The laser cutting machine 1 sets, automatic CNC plasma cutting machine 3 sets, CNC flame cutting machine 2 sets,

Semi automatic cutting machine number 15.

Shearing, folding, pressure equipment: a total of 8 units

The 1000t hydraulic machine 1 Taiwan, 500t hydraulic machine 1 sets, 1 sets of CNC shearing machine, ordinary shears 1, 1 CNC bending machines, plate bending machine, 1 machine 1 taiwan.

Mechanical boring and milling equipment: 4 sets

The XK2430-1000 beam of Longmen CNC boring and milling machine 1 sets, XK2740-800 Liang Longmen NC boring milling machine 1, 9000 mm edge planing machine 1 sets, 1 sets of end milling machine.

Fourth, a total of 4 sets of all kinds of drilling machine.

Among them, CDMP2016 CNC drilling machine 1 sets, Z50, Z80 and other radial drilling machine 3.

The H, a large steel production line equipment

Can be processed into large H steel production line of 1500 mm x 2000 mm cross section (including H type steel vertical machine group, H type steel door type double wire double arc welding machine, H type steel large hydraulic straightening machine, large blasting machine).

The components, stress relief equipment 1

Large size tempering furnace equipment: long 8000 mm x 4500 mm x 2600 mm wide high

Sadly, sand washing equipment

Equipped with two sets of sand blasting room, long 22m * width 16m high 10m on the large component of the pre washed and fine blanking two stages of the surface sand washing process. Air compressor equipment with 4 sets for sand washing.

S, paint equipment

Equipped with enclosed spray painting room and drying room.

9 and other equipment

Equipped with all kinds of electric welding machine more than and 100 sets, equipped with 3 forklift, 4 pipe air compressor equipment.

3 personnel allocation

At present, the company's total number of 250 people, including professional and technical people and 48 management personnel, technical personnel and production staff technical quality is good, the main steel structure operator with CCS (China), GL (Germany) CCS classification society, BV (France) and NK (Japan) classification certificate issued by technical operation classification society ccs.

4 testing equipment

With flaw detector, laser theodolite, all kinds of level, thickness gauge and commonly used in mechanical processing of various types of measuring instruments and equipment.

5 qualification and production capacity

The company has CCS in production when the hatch covers (Chinese) classification society, GL (Germany), BV (France) classification society and NK (Japan) ship components classification manufacturing factory certification, the large-scale structure of matching production capacity of 15000 tons / year.

The company has been put into operation, has completed a total construction, shipbuilding and other steel, nearly 200 thousand tons of engineering machinery parts. Since the beginning of 2014, the company has transformed into the wind power equipment industry, specializing in the production of wind power equipment. In cooperation with the Jiangyin vision Energy Investment Co. Ltd., the production of wind power generator base products, now has more than 1 thousand and 200 production base generator station from trial, in which 1.5MW more than and 350 generator base stations and 1.8MW generator base more than and 360, base more than and 170 units, 2.3MW 2.1MW generator generator base more than and 320, base 1, 2.5MW generator prototype 4.2MW generator base 13 taiwan. Has formed a specialized production enterprise generator base, product delivery inspection are qualified by one-time, excellent quality, well received by customers. The current look forward to cooperation with relevant enterprises of wind power equipment, seek broader prospects for cooperation.

Five, quality management

Company's existing major backbone personnel, are engaged in the corresponding products with high quality management and technical personnel, has a wealth of practical management and