Understanding of the development of new energy wind power in China

With the development strategy of national new energy development and implementation, China's wind power industry has entered a stage of leap forward development.

Energy and environment is an urgent problem to be solved for the survival and development of human beings. Conventional energy sources are coal, oil and natural gas, which not only have limited resources, but also cause serious air pollution. Therefore, the development and utilization of renewable energy, especially the development and utilization of wind energy, has been highly valued by countries around the world. Wind power is renewable, five pollution, energy, broad prospects of energy, and vigorously develop the clean energy wind power has become the world's strategic choice. China's wind energy reserves are very large, wide distribution, the development and utilization of great potential. In recent years, China's wind power industry and the rapid development of technology, but also exposed some problems. Wind energy is a clean and abundant renewable energy, which will not be reduced with the transformation and utilization of its own. Since the end of the 1970s, with the world attention to the environmental protection and energy saving, energy shortage problem, large-scale use of new energy wind power to reduce air pollution, reduce emissions of harmful gases. Northwest China, North China, northeast and southeast coastal areas are rich in wind energy resources. According to the Chinese on the sustainable development of energy and environment protection plan implementation, with Chinese new energy wind power technology update and wind farm continues to expand, to "in 2015, the total installed capacity will reach 1*107KW. Summary of the current situation of China's wind power and its technological development, promote the healthy and sustainable development of the wind power industry and technology has important reference value.