Basic knowledge of new energy wind power

Generation and characteristics of wind

Generation: the air flow caused by the sun's heat radiation in the atmosphere of the earth's outer atmosphere; the pressure difference is the root cause of the wind.

Characteristics: periodicity, diversity, complexity

Generally speaking, the value of 3 wind nine. But from an economic and reasonable point of view, wind speed greater than 4M/S is suitable for power generation.

According to the determination of the wind turbine in a 55KW, when the wind speed is 9.5M/S, the output power unit is 55KW; when the wind speed is 8M/S, power is 38KW; only 16KW 6M/S; and when the wind speed, the wind speed is 5M/S, only 9.5KW. Visible wind is greater, the greater the economic benefits.

In China, wind energy is mainly distributed in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other northern regions and the eastern and southern coastal areas and islands.

Cost of wind power in China

From the statistics, the national wind power tariff than conventional hydropower and thermal power plant is much higher, the average price of electricity in Xinjiang thermal power net 0.25 yuan / kWh, while the average wind power will reach 0.6 yuan / kWh above. And the wind power utilization hours about 2000 to 3000 hours or so, only half of the thermal power.

In addition, although the average cost of wind power units have been reduced from 10000 yuan to 8000 yuan, but still much higher than the cost of thermal power of 4000 yuan / kw,

Construction of a installed capacity of 100 thousand kilowatts of wind farm, about 800 million yuan or more, while the construction of the same size of the thermal power plant is about 4 to 500 million yuan.