Ship paint knowledge

1 what is the purpose of the maintenance and repair of the ship's paint?

In the operation of the ship paint maintenance is to maximize the internal and external and the service life of the equipment, and to minimize the bottom of sea creatures, in order to reduce the ship resistance. Therefore, the operation of the ship should be developed and implemented a comprehensive set of long-term, preventive maintenance plan, which includes regular cleaning, coating and a period of time after the oil through.

2 what are the advantages of the paint of the ship?

It is also known as paint, paint, beautiful and durable, has the gloss, especially marine paint, it has sunscreen, anti rust, anti oil, anti erosion, anti fouling, wear resistance, cold resistance, high temperature resistance and other excellent properties, so it is an important production material, shipbuilding dock repair and maintenance daily necessary.

3 what is the requirement for the weather during the painting?

Paint construction, the plant is known as painting, also known as paint on the ship. The basic requirements of the construction of paint is: the weather is sunny, no wind, no pollution, the air humidity is less than 90%.

4 when the ship is in the dock, how to deal with the surface of the component before the construction of the paint?

(1) in the shipyard docking repair, first with high pressure water washing off the hull because of seawater with salt, and then blasting (or shot blasting method, your "sand"), rust skin and stripped skin, paint, ship or ship representative on behalf of acceptance. That meet the requirements to the hull surface paint;

(2) to sandblasting or not worth sandblasting (small area) where the grinding and chipping method using rust rust, chipping hammer, shovel wire brush with artificial method, and mechanical polishing are often used as pneumatic hammer, pneumatic tools, grinding wheel and rotating metal surface rust component after cleaning, use compressed air blowing dust on the surface, with fresh water rinse again is better.

(3) for two-component paint, prior to painting will also require polished surface roughness, to increase the adhesion of the paint on the surface.