Understanding of the development of new energy wind power in China

(1) in the shipyard docking repair, first with high pressure water washing off the hull because of seawater with salt, and then blasting (or shot blasting method, your "sand"), rust skin and stripped skin, paint, ship or ship representative on behalf of acceptance. That meet the requirements to the hull surface paint;

(2) to sandblasting or not worth sandblasting (small area) where the grinding and chipping method using rust rust, chipping hammer, shovel wire brush with artificial method, and mechanical polishing are often used as pneumatic hammer, pneumatic tools, grinding wheel and rotating metal surface rust component after cleaning, use compressed air blowing dust on the surface, with fresh water rinse again is better.

(3) for two-component paint, prior to painting will also require polished surface roughness, to increase the adhesion of the paint on the surface.

5 sand blasting is divided into several grades? How many levels of standards? Is divided into four grades: Sa 1:Sa 2; Sa 2.5; Sa 3: every level of the standard is: Sa 1: only to remove rust and impurities; Sa 2-2/3 surface can not see dirt and rust, rust bag bottom pitcher get rid of rust on the surface of component; Sa 2.5: surface treatment to nearly white degree, often only with the new plate when using the Sa 3: class; remove all rust, paint and debris, the metal surface is completely white, showing a white metal luster. This level is rarely used.

6 what are the advantages of blasting method? Sand blasting speed (60-100m2/ hours), high efficiency, high quality, artificial, and can effectively improve the component surface roughness to increase the adhesion of paint in the heart, so in the shipbuilding and ship repair dock repair, the tank to be widely used.

7 there are several ways to paint the construction of the use of the various dry conditions, there are four kinds of methods: brush coating, roll coating, spraying, no air spraying.

8 what is the brush? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it? Brush method is to use a paintbrush in the longitudinal and transverse component surface coated staggered paint. Brush with strong penetration, can penetrate into the pores and cracks of the coating when the steel plate surface to Shen, moisture, brush can hold water, so that the real paint adhesion to the component, in addition, also saving paint brush. However, the efficiency of brush painting method is low, only in a small area, corner and individual parts of the use of paint.

9 what is the roll? How to operate? Roll coating method is to use the drum after stained with paint paint. The drum stick paint to paint too much, not overflow drum on both sides for the principle of painting roller can not roll too fast, should make the drum around slow rolling, rough surface, the weld seam should pay special attention to the corners, using a paintbrush zhaobu. Roll coating method used in high efficiency, large area painting, but can not use quick drying coating roll coating method.