General knowledge of ship

Ship types and their structural characteristics

1) dry bulk cargo ship - lateral structure.

2) liquid bulk carriers - longitudinal structure.

3) container ship - lateral structure.

4) the general cargo ship - lateral structure.

5) other special ship

Two, the basic information of the ship

1) the name of the ship:

2) Nationality: Nationality

Port of registry, 3): Portofregistering

(4) the date of Construction: Dateofbuilding (Chinese government regulations: the ship's age of 18 years or more of the ship is not allowed to import - that is not allowed to fly the flag of china. (5) construction site (or shipyard):Placeofbuilding (orbuilder)

Number of the International Maritime Organization (6) IMONo (international security rules)

7) (ships) full length: Lengthoverall (L.O.A) to Hong Kong, for berth arrangement

Length between two columns: Lengthbreadthperpendiculars (L.B.P) is used to calculate the camber of the ship.

8) type width: Breadth

9) type deep: Depth

(10) the total tons (bit):Grosstonnage for the volume of tons, 1 tons of =100 cubic feet =2.83 cubic meters

Net ton (bit):Nettonnage to calculate the basis of various port charges.

International tonnage certificate, the Panama Canal tonnage certificate, Suez canal tonnage certificate.

(bidding for these certificates to provide the general layout of the ship, the engine room layout plan)

(11) displacement (Archimedes's law):Displacement

(12) full load weight: Deadweight (for weight)