Characteristics of steel structure

Characteristics of steel structure

Application of steel structure in the project is very wide, as we usually encountered in the steel plant, steel bridges, towers, masts, steel gate, liquid storage base, steel structure is composed of individual members, such as beams, trusses, columns and plates etc., bar and sheet which is made of steel. These rods and plates are connected to each other with the weld and bolt, which are used for building structures, such as steel bridges, etc.. From the point of view of engineering structure, the steel structure is a branch of the engineering structure.

The different point of these structures is the material is different, the steel structure of the corresponding material is steel, wood structure of the corresponding material is wood, etc., because the material is different, so that other people have their own characteristics.

First, the characteristics of steel structure

1, the structure of light weight

Here refers to the steel structure light. In the same span, under the same load, the steel structure is much lighter than the reinforced concrete structure. Mainly because of the high strength of steel, it is necessary to small section. Usually take the material density and the allowable stress ratio from C / sigma gamma as indicators to measure the weight of steel structure work; 0.54 meters long from /110 at sC, 4100.6 at wC at 41040 from long, long from cC so the steel structure and other structures in the structure of lighter weight, and convenient transportation and installation.

2, high reliability (with respect to other structures) because the steel has the following characteristics, good plasticity, good toughness, more in line with the same sex, is a kind of ideal elastic plastic body. A good plasticity means that the steel structure has a large deformation before it is destroyed. If the brittle materials (such as chalk) before the failure without warning (rubber large deformation).

Ideal elastic plastic body. If the design and construction of no problem, then the steel structure is more reliable, more in line with the same sex (macro view). Steel tensile and compression strength is equal, but the concrete C and t sigma Sigma is different, there are stripes along the grain of the wood, the strength is not the same. The toughness is good refers to the performance is good to bear the dynamic load

3, easy manufacture, convenient installation for steel structure is simple and useful, relatively simple processing, and can use mechanical operation, so the steel structure is generally made of a large number of components in the metal structure of specialized parts with high accuracy, reinforced concrete requires formwork, reinforcement bar etc.. The connection of the steel structure is welded and bolted, and the project is used in the short term.

4, the construction period is short because of mechanization of steel structure manufacturing, high degree of automation, and assembly speed, so its construction speed, short cycle, unlike reinforced concrete, need maintenance of a factory, had completed a year later than completed a year of economic benefits, so it is a hotel. Compared with the reinforced concrete structure can be completed in advance of reinforced concrete structure engineering structure of steel wood structure of masonry structure, submit.

5, good earthquake resistance to also did not consider the seismic measures of steel structure, concrete structure and masonry structure is good. Steel structure also has the following shortcomings: corrosion resistance and refractory performance, steel structure is easy to rust, paint, bring maintenance problems, the maintenance of the tower to high altitude operations. Now Japan is a kind of paint that can be used for 10 years, when the temperature is higher than 500~600 DEG C, the elastic modulus of steel will decrease the strength decreases, the steel structure and therefore to lose their ability to work, need to increase the high temperature heat insulation measures.