Application of steel structure

1, Yangtze River bridge: Wuhan large span steel truss bridge built in 50s, 9 holes, each hole span 128M, bridge length 1155.5m. Also, such as the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, a lot of important structures are used in the steel structure, in which the conference hall span of 10 million people, Beibei, Chongqing Chaoyang Bridge, the Jialing River Bridge (88 meters across) are the steel structure of the bridge. 61 year Beijing Workers Stadium using 94m roof structure, can accommodate 15 thousand people; 67 years of the capital gymnasium using span 99m of flat grid structure, 15 thousand people; 73 years Shanghai gymnasium using flat grid structure 110m.

2, a movable structure such as steel gate, crane, for this kind of need to move and rotate the structure, can give full play to the advantages of lighter weight, which can greatly reduce the power of hoisting equipment and the cost of the required operation, but also play the advantages of good anti vibration performance of steel structure, or because of the activities inevitably, under certain dynamic load.

3, removable structure: due to the steel structure is not only light weight, but also can be used with bolts and other easy to remove the means to connect. Therefore need to move and turn around the use of structure, such as construction site production and living space skeleton, assembly type concrete mixer and other commonly used steel structure.

4, closed structure (such as the gate, pressure steel pipe, storage tank, gas tank, etc.) with steel plate production of such structures are not easy to leak, gas and oil, good airtight.